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“Great minds think alike, small minds rarely differ”  Eric Partridge

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The first of You Tube sites showing how crazy money and finance has gotten. (1) Interview with Jeremy Grantham

This site explains the views of Jeremy Grantham who is predicting an upcoming crash to be as bad as 1929. I’m highly respectful of his intelligence and sanity. Logic and reason seem to genuinely being on his side–how could he possibly be wrong?  Or is he too damn sane and sensible to be able to predict what’s going to happen with the stock market and the Fed both seemingly operating from reality on another planet? My only complaint: I just wish he would tell us the date this is going to happen so we can all get out of the market just before the crash.  Jeremy Grantham Interview

The second of two You Tube sites showing how crazy the National debt has gotten (2) Bloomberg Markets and Finance has a discussion about the public debt

This clip from Bloomberg shows that the nominal US national debt has gone up for virtually all of its existence–though recently even faster than before.  It is usually shown  in relationship to the national GDP–and only by that measure does it ever significantly decline, except for some very unusual times when the actual dollar amount has also taken very small and very short blips downward.  The necessity for this constant rise is explained  in the main essay on this website: “A new Macroeconomics to explain Wealth Inequality” as a result of the  “Fundamental Monetary Constraint” that is described in the first part of the essay.    Crazy New Debt

FRED: Economic Research at the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank

The Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is responsible for advising the Bank president on matters of economic policy. The Division monitors the economic and financial literature and produces research in the areas of money and banking, macroeconomics, and international and regional economics. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/MZMV

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